Solar Information Center

Learn Solar Energy Vocabulary!

Especially if you’re doing your own research, you want to be knowledgeable. Get the basics down with this primer on the vocabulary of solar energy. Click here to view in PDF.

Canterbury Area Solar Installers

While we’ve chosen one company, 603 Solar, to partner with us to offer discounts on solar programs for Canterbury residents who sign up this summer, we recognize that some people will prefer to do their own research. Therefore, we’re pleased to provide you with this list of installers we contacted during the selection process. All of these solar installers service the Canterbury area.

Please click here to access a PDF document of our installer list.

Financing Your Solar Project

Installing solar panels can be expensive, although the rewards are great and they can often pay for themselves over time.

Please click here to access a PDF document on how to finance your solar project, including local banks who will provide financing.