Energy Committee announces that “Solarize Canterbury” has been a huge success!

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The Energy Committee is pleased to announce that our Solarize Canterbury campaign has far exceeded our goal and our expectations.  As of mid August, contracts have been signed for 34 new solar installations in Canterbury as a result of this campaign, increasing the number of Canterbury solar installations by 50%. And more are expected to sign up before the end of the campaign August 31. 

Why Solarize? Back in March, the Town Energy Committee decided to encourage more solar energy to Canterbury through a Solarize Canterbury campaign.  Solarize Canterbury encouraged people to consider adding solar panels to their homes, outbuildings, or installing a ground mount, and provided information on financing, installations, and government incentives for solar.  The Energy Committee also did the research necessary to choose a reputable partner installer, making this step easier for interested citizens.  603 Solar and Adams Energy, the companies selected, offered discounts until the campaign ends on August 31.  

Our Goal and Our Status; The slogan “Solar May Make More Sen$e Than You Think,” seems to have resonated with people throughout town.  The initial goal was 12 new solar installations; this was approximately 20% of the number of solar installations already existing in Canterbury before this campaign.  After only two and a half months we are at 250% of our goal!

Gratitude: The Energy Committee is grateful for the overwhelming support of the community in both considering and purchasing solar, and helping with this effort. Over 100 people attended the Kickoff Event.  More than 30 people have helped the 7 member Energy Committee in many ways, large and small. Volunteers provided information at tables at the Fair and Farmers Market, hosted solar tours of their homes, advertised the events, planned the events, and worked at the events, Without their efforts, we could not have been successful. 603 Solar has also been a great partner, supplying publicity materials and providing quick responses to the more than 50 request for free site visits.  Adams Energy work crews have been described by homeowners as “respectful” and “easy to work with.”  This amazing increase in solar in our town would not have occurred without everyone’s support and help.

Our impact; The mission of the Canterbury Energy Committee and Solarize Canterbury is to help people lessen their carbon footprints.  So far, we estimate that about 185 tons of carbon have been offset annually, or the equivalent of 20,000 gallons of gasoline, or burning 202,000 pounds of coal.  Thank you, Canterbury, for making our town and state a cleaner place to live and helping to fight climate change.  

Celebration Sept 10: There will be a celebration of our success on Tuesday, September 10 from 5:30-7:00pm in the Town Hall.  Pizza will be supplied by 603 Solar and desserts and salads provided by volunteers.  We’ll have fun and thank all the people who made this a success,   If you’d like to attend, please go to our Solarize Canterbury Facebook page and RSVP. We hope that all solar owners in town, everyone who helped in any way, and especially those who signed contracts for solar this summer will attend to receive our thanks and to celebrate being part of such a great community. 

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